Friday, 6 November 2015

Weekend Giveaway

I am ultra ultra ultra excited that ‘Christmas Kisses with Her Boss’ is a weekend giveaway on the fabulous Liz Fielding’s FB page!

So what are you waiting for – go and enter! Quick! And if you want to like my author page at the same time that would be grand! 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Catch Up

Well its been nearly a year since I last blogged unless you count my once every three months at the Pink Heart Society.

So what’s been happening? Overall this year has been all about transition and learning and moving out of my comfort zone… 

Writing Life

Well I spent the year on a learning curve…learning how to make the transition from KISS/ Modern Tempted to Harlequin Romance.

Did I succeed?  Time will tell when my debut Romance (Christmas Kisses with Her Boss) hits the shelves on 1st December.

How did I find the curve? My voice had always straddled the two lines so for me it was the question of working out how to keep true to my voice and true to the promise of the Romance Line. So I found the process almost like a puzzle I needed to work out – and like with any good puzzles I had some eureka moments and some moments of wanting to hurl my keyboard down and give up. What I liked most was the opportunity to dig really deep for emotional depth and to centre the push and pull around my characters fighting emotional closeness.

What next? Well I’ve just turned in revisions on my next Romance which will hopefully come out in May and I have a few ideas for my next book floating around in my head.

Non-writing Life

The biggest change has been the new addition to our family – our beautiful dog Dottie. I love her to pieces but it has been another transition and another learning curve as I have never owned a dog before. 

Dottie is a rescue dog – she comes from Spain where she was abandoned on the streets and then spent time in a kennel before being brought over here. She is a Spanish Mastin/ Shepherd cross and at 33kilos is a somewhat large addition to the family! And that in itself has caused some issues – a lot of people get very worried by big dogs and I’ll be honest for a while I was a little apprehensive myself – only because we were getting to know her and we didn’t know for sure if she had any negative learned behaviour. After all she had to survive on the street for months. 

Turns out she is the most tolerant, placid dog in the world but with an enormous independent streak which makes walking her a bit eventful as she will just disappear off to do her own thing. She does always come back and she does keep an eye on where we are but she does go a long way and I’ve had to learn to trust her process and panic less!!

Maybe that’s something I should do in my writing life as I embark on Romance Book 3!!

I’ll keep you posted and check back later this week for some giveaway links to my Christmas book!

Nina xx