Sunday, 31 August 2014

Meet the Main Characters

I was tagged ages ago by the very lovely Jessica Gilmore for a ‘Meet My Main Character’ blog hop. Although I’ve never met Jessica I have followed her blog for ages and I was delighted when she got The Call and was even more delighted when I got to read her wonderful books. If you haven’t already read her latest Summer with the Millionaire I totally recommend it! 

This is the very first time I’ve been tagged so I have sat down and pondered deeply – Olivia is my first main character to be published and go out into the world of readers so she will always always be very special to me. 

So…drum roll please and here goes – all about Olivia from How to Bag a Billionaire

What is the name of the main character? Is she real or fictitious? 
My heroine’s name is Olivia Evans and she is completely fictitious; an image of her dressed cat woman style breaking in to a building to track down my hero popped into my head one day and that was that…she and the book grew from there.  

Where is the story set?
First in London and then in Thailand on the island of Ko Lanta – though I have never been there by the time I finished the research I feel like I had and I definitely will one day…until then I will content myself with living vicariously through Olivia!  

What should we know about her?
Olivia is feisty, determined and fiercely independent - ever since her childhood she vowed that she would ensure that neither she nor her mother would be dependent on a man ever again. As a result she is very work orientated and has built up a successful career as a personal shopper.

What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?
Her Dad bailed before she was born and Olivia grew up watching her mother use her beauty to seduce rich men and she knows that men are only ever after one thing. So there is no way she is giving it to them unless it’s on her terms. She equates love/ lust with dependence/ power and it will take a real hero to show her that real love can be a partnership.

What is the character's goal?
When some unexpected news disrupts Olivia’s well-ordered life, Olivia needs to track down Adam Masterson’s father for her family’s sake. The only way to do that is through Adam. Unfortunately Adam is being pursued by a bevy of billionaire baggers and believes Olivia is one of the horde – he wants her but he doesn’t trust her one tiny bit.  So somehow she has to persuade him she is above board and get him to help her. Not easy when she is also fighting a totally unwanted attraction.

Now I am not sure about tagging etiquette so I will provisionally tag Amber Page and Bella Frances as they too have debut books on the shelves. But please note I do not hold them to it in any way at all!!

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