Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Author Photos....Eeek!

OK…So finally 5 months and 2 days after The Call I got an author photograph done. What does this tell you about me?
1        I LOATHE having my photo taken
2        I am supremely unphotogenic

Now when I look in the mirror I mostly see a face I am comfortable with (except of course on 'bad hair days,' 'stayed up too late writing the night before days' or, 'oops shouldn’t have had that extra glass of wine days') Hmm…Ok sometimes when I look in the mirror I don’t run screaming from the room may be nearer the truth but the point is…

No matter what – if all the stars are correctly aligned, my hair is behaving etc etc,….my photographs never seem to look like me or perhaps how I imagine myself to be.
But I accepted I needed a picture so first I got my husband to take a photo. Make up free, the real me... and...  everyone said how 'realistic' it was. Well...I wasn't sure how to take that - I mean is that good or bad??? (Lovely husband assured me it was good!) But I still wasn't convinced that 'Realistic Me' should be 'Author Me' on a website, facebook etc….

So I called in the expert – a friend who happens to be a professional photographer who kindly offered to bring his camera round and take some shots.

Next I found some make up, conferred with another friend who showed me how to use said make-up and I prepared to put my head on the metaphorical block.

Photographer friend was amazing – inwardly he must have wanted to murder me (Our conversation went: 
Him: Smile 
Me: I can’t 
Him: think of something happy 
Me: Um…sorry can’t think of a single thing 
Him: How about thinking about when this is over?

See what he did – he made me genuinely smile! And he came up with some fab photos - so then came the hard part – which picture to choose and a dilemma. A smile that showed teeth or showed no teeth? See what I went for on my brand new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinaMilneAuthor (as for the amount of time that has taken me...well that is another story…) 

But because I’ve done some thinking and decided I look how I look and I am who I am - I have put the real make up free 'realistic' photo of me up here…(on the basis no one will see it… I must embrace the real me!)

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